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Citations: Citing Tool: NoodleTools

Using Noodle Tools for Citations

This tutorial video helps you get started with using the Noodle Tools citation program at the Monterey Peninsula College Library.

Create an Account

NoodleBib Register page

For first time users-- You need to create an account.  Make sure you choose an ID and password that you will remember!  Your MPC Student ID number and password might be a good choice.

Sign up for NoodleBib, a good citation generator, to help you create citations in MLA, APA or Chicago/Turabian styles -- FREE TO STUDENTS!

More Tips!

 Choosing the correct source is very important so carefully read the NoodleBib prompts and answer the questions carefully.

Remember to insert a colon between the title and subtitle of a book, magazine or journal title.

Include periods after author or editor's middle initials.

Use the Check for Errors button at the bottom of your screen to scan your entry for common mistakes such as capitalization.  After making corrections, click on the Update Citation button to create the citation.

NoodleBib does not spell check words in your citation. Use the spellcheck function in MS Word.

You can add citations to a list at any time by opening up the list again and adding a new source. 

Edit existing sources in your list by using the Edit button next to the source you wish to edit.