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LIBRARY 50: Introduction to Library Research -Section 0819, Deborah Ruiz: Home

How to get started in Canvas to proceed through the course,

Welcome to Library 50

Thank you for enrolling in Library 50:  Introduction to Library Research Skills.  This information page will help you get started with the course.  The box in the center of this page has the links you need to get started with the class. You don't have to come back to this page, but can hook up directly to the class by going through LOBO APPS and selecting CANVAS which is where the course is available.

This is a late start class, the class is from April 1-May 23, 2019.  This means that we are squeezing 16 weeks of content into 8 weeks.  All the due dates must be adhered to and you must get into the class environment within the first 2 days of class or I will drop you, there are very few acceptable excuses.

I look forward to working with you to get you through this class! Please feel free to contact me through the reference desk (831.646.4262) or leave a message with the library department (831.646.4095), or email me at

YOU CAN DO THIS!  It was take a little bit of focus and some discipline to make sure you don't get behind and get dropped from class.  Happy Spring!


Navigating Library 50 & Submitting Assignments


LIBRARY 50 Syllabus

Welcome Letter