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Using library materials in online classes: MPC library resources in Canvas

URL Checker/Converter

Do you want to make an electronic library resource available to your students off-campus? Use the URL converter below to ensure that students are able to access the resource from off-campus.

1. Copy and paste your source URL here:

2. Check or create your link using the button below:

3. Copy and use the resulting link.


Use a link, not a pdf!

Link to our content, don't download and re-distribute!! (please)

The library anonymously tracks usage of electronic resources in order to understand what resources the MPC community uses and we make decisions regarding our subscriptions with that data. In order for the library to be able to track usage of our electronic resources, we need users to access them in their native platform. 

Using links not only helps the library accurately measure our subscriptions, it is also required by some license agreements that don't allow the re-distribution of content.

About this guide

This guide provides the information that you need to include library resources in your online class. Using the steps included here will ensure that your students are able to access the resources on and off-campus.

Have questions about the library's electronic resources? 

Glenn Swift Tozier
Digital Services Librarian

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