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Dr. Kendra Cabrera-Marina High-Library/Research Assignment: Home

Library/Research Skills to Support Dr. Cabrera's ETNC 5 Class at Marina High School

This guide is designed to help you with Dr. Cabrera's library and research assigments for her ETNC 5 class at Marina High School. This guide contains information and resources to help you with your research.

If you have any questions or need help researching a topic, feel free to stop by the MPC Library reference desk or call (831) 646-4262 to get the librarian on duty. Also feel free to email me (my contact information is to the right  and also in the assignment)  or check with Dr. Cabrera if you have any questions. Good luck!!


Library Assignment-Annotated Bibliography

Here is a copy of the library assignment for Dr. Cabrera's ETNC 5 class at Marina High School.  Use whatever word processor you use (Word, Pages, Google Docs, etc...), when you finish please print it out and turn it in to Dr. Cabrera on the due date (in this case, Tuesday, October 1st). Save a copy of your annotated bibliography for future reference when working on your future presentation for class (and it is always good to keep copies of your work, just in case). If you have any problems please email me at 

Good Luck!!!

Subject Guide

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