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Exhibit Displays: Process and Guidelines

The library strives to support MPC's Mission by exhibiting materials which highlight the library's varied collections and items related to campus events, educational programs and classes. MPC students, faculty and staff may request to display materials. Approvals are required and further questions may be directed to the Access Services & Outreach Librarian at

  • Exhibits will be viewable to students, faculty, staff, and the community during library open hours.
  • The library provides the exhibition space only, exhibitors are responsible for funding any additional costs and labor associated with the exhibit including advertising.
  • Setup and breakdown dates need to be arranged with the Access Services & Outreach Librarian. Dates cannot change without approval since opening and closing dates have been advertised on the library's homepage.
    • If any part of the artwork needs to be removed before the end date, contact the Access Services & Outreach Librarian.
  • "MPC Library Exhibit Request Form" must be filled out completely, accurately, and free from grammatical errors for the exhibit or display information to be showcased on the library's homepage (under "News").  Exhibitors are responsible for all other advertisements.
  • Exhibit displays are located in public areas.  The library staff do patrol the spaces periodically but cannot monitor the exhibit displays during the library's entire open hours.  MPC Library cannot guarantee the security or welfare of exhibits and exhibitors take a risk of loss or damage.
  • Exhibits displays must be placed to ensure the walkways are clear for safety consideration and disability access.

By using the library's exhibit displays, exhibitor(s) acknowledge they have read and agree to the "Library Exhibit Displays' Process and Guidelines".


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