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Submit a note to the STEAM participants when you vote. Notes will be added here.

"Save Your Breath: This was a joy to read and a beautiful work of art."

"The fish length was a cool way to see the impact of different math concepts. My tank would have been too big :)"

"What a wonderful display of conscientiousness. Amazing work!"

"Great Job! Go STEAM!!"

"Thank you all for contributing to this awesome project!"

"Thanks for the great exhibit! It's awesome to see everyone dedicating some personal time to their projects. We know how busy things get so the extra effort is commendable!"

"Wonderful job to all of the participants!"

"Thank you to all involved for sharing your creative work with us. And thank you to the organizers as well!"

"Great job to everyone! Go Lobos!"

"This is, once more, an amazing showcase of talent from our pack!- Thank you everyone for your work and energy on the exhibit, and for showing us how amazing collaborative work can be!"

"Great job everyone! Thank you for putting this together once more."