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Project Title: Morse Code Welcome
Contributors: Brian Henry, Thalia Henry, & Eileen Crutchfield (Veteran Resource Center Coordinator)

What is Morse Code? 

"It is a detailed system of dots, dashes, and spaces used to represent numbers, punctuation, and letters of the alphabet. It is used both as a code and a way to communicate without the ability or need to use actual characters."1

History of Morse Code?

"Morse Code allowed for ships at sea to communicate over long distances using large lights. Morse Code was especially pivotal during the second World War because it greatly improved the speed of communication. Naval war ships were able to communicate with their bases and provide critical information to each other."2

Why does the Military use Morse Code?

"The requirement that ships monitor for distress signals was removed in 1999, though the U.S. Navy still teaches at least some sailors to read, send and receive Morse code. Aviators also use Morse code to identify automated navigational aids."3



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