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LIBR 80 - Internet Literacy (Fellguth): Home

Links to useful resources for students enrolled in LIBR 80, Online Internet Literacy

Course Information

LIBR 80: Online Internet Literacy satisfies the MPC Information Competency Graduation Requirement.  This course covers Internet history, access, management, organization, components (including e-mail, file types, downloads, attachments, newsgroups, listservs and chat), ethical issues, basic web authoring, effective searching, evaluating information, and correct citation of Internet resources.  It is recommended that students possess basic computer skills (Mac or PC) before enrolling.  Offered online.

3 units. LG-P/NP. Three hours lecture
Advisories: Eligibility for ENGL 111 & 112 or ENSL 110 & 155
Credit transferable: CSU




Subject Guide