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ENG 1A- Spring 2021: Prof. Hulanicki: Databases

Resources for Professor Hulanicki's English 1A Paper

Below are the recommended article databases for your English 1A paper. You can find articles from magazines, journals and newspapers about Vasquez and Hartnell here. Keep your search terms simple and you should find relevant articles. I emphasize the first two databases as they cover newspapers that have some god articles. The last 4 databases do have a few articles about Tiburcio Vasquez and to a lesser extent, William Hartnell.

Article Databases


Off-Campus Access

If you are accessing the databases from off campus you will be asked to login with your Lobo Apps username and password. The login page that will pop up from off campus is in the image below. Once you login you will have access to all the library databases.

Academic Search Complete/Database Basics

This tutorial video shows you the basics for searching the Academic Search Complete database but also applies to the History Reference Center, America History & Life, and the MasterFile Complete databases. The basic concepts apply to most databases (Boolean operators, keeping search terms simple, limiters, etc...). I have shown you these in class but just in case you need a reminder, this video should help.