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Library 50-Spring 2020 Section 1100 Instructor-Renee Vincent: Home

Contact Information

Instructor: Renee Vincent


Office: (831) 645-1309

Office Hours: Online 

Welcome to Library 50!


The course officially begins Monday March 30th 2020. A reminder to students that  this is an 8 Week Course. The course will be made Available to students through Canvas on the Friday before the course starts. LIBR 50 (1100) is a fully- online course that uses Canvas for all content and assignments. You will need to activate (New Student) or access your Lobos Apps account to use Canvas. Before beginning the course please read the syllabus and use any of the additional resources below to help you succeed.

Important note: Students must log into Canvas and Submit the First Assignments on Time or they are in danger of being dropped from the course.