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EDUC 1 - Luke: What words should I use in the search box?

Photo of a neon sign that says Think About Things Differently. Differently is upside down.

I. Watch this 5 minute video for tips while searching in the library databases.

You Tube Video IconYou can also view this video through  A new tab will pop open. 

II. Here are more examples of how you can take advantage of the multiple search boxes in advanced search.  


  Education Topics Psychology Topics

“after school program”

“classroom management strategies”

“me too movement”

“violence against women”


phones AND “classroom management”

cyberbullying AND prevention

same-sex relationship AND infertility

mental health AND resources


elementary school OR primary education

“bullying in school” AND prevention OR program

same sex OR LGBT OR lesbian OR gay AND infertility

services OR program AND mental health