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English 111 Headley: Home

Welcome to Research!

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3 Essential Steps for research:

  1. Know your Topic​
    • Get background information
    • Narrow the scope of your research
  2. Know your Keywords
    • These are your tools!
    • Add to them as you learn more
  3. Know your Evidence
    • What evidence do you need to make your arguments?
    • What types of sources have that evidence?

Ideas for Keywords

This great video from Portland State shows how to pick effective key words.

Gilbert Reporting Live from Tomorrow

decision making



social behavior

social comparison

self-other similarity 


Konnikova: The Limits of Friendship


face to face communication

social interaction 

social media AND loneliness

social networks

social support

social media utilization

Turkle: The Empathy Diaries 


face to face conversation

facial expression


Interpersonal relations

perception AND emotion

face perception

emotion AND conversation 

Twenge: Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?

"social media" AND mental health

internet AND society

technology AND conformity

technology AND physical activity

information seeking behavior

technology AND social skills

Subject Guide