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Library 50-Spring 2020 Section 1052: Instructor Sandy Switzer: Home

Welcome to Library 50!


Thank you for enrolling in LIBR 50, "Introduction to Library and Research Skills." This information page will help you get started with the class.

Refer to the links and videos here on the right: The class syllabus has important information for the class (be sure to read it). There are also instructions and a video tutorial on how to log into Canvas (our online class environment) via Lobo Apps.

This online class officially begins Friday, January sure to log into Canvas and the class on this date. Assignment 1, your Student Introduction, and the Syllabus Quiz are all due by Wednesday, February 5 at 11pmYou must submit all of these by the due date or you will be dropped from the class.

Since this is an online class, it is important to keep on top of things. If you run into any problems or have questions please let me know...communication is very important! You can: 

  • Email me using the Canvas Inbox (the primary way we communicate in class); this is the best way to contact me.
  • Email me at
  • Call the MPC Library at (831) 646-4095. If I am not there please leave a message.
  • Ask for help from any reference librarian at the MPC Library reference desk or call the reference desk at (831) 646-4262.

I look forward to working with you...please feel free to ask questions and good luck with the class!

Sandy Switzer
Library Main Phone: (831) 646-4095; Reference Desk Phone: (831) 646-4262

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Navigating Library 50 and Submitting Assignments