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ENGL 2 - Spring 2024: Prof. Hulanicki: Finding Books

EBooks from EBSCO

A good way to find books on your subject is to search for ebooks directly through the eBook database. Searching the eBook collection is similar to searching the Academic Search Complete database so see that video on the Articles page. Once you find an eBook you can click on the full-text of the book in the upper left hand part of the page once you click on the title. It is rare but if the book is being used by someone else, you may get a pop up window saying so. If that happens, try again a little bit later as once the person is done or if they have been inactive for a while, the book will automatically become available again. 

Accessing and Using eBooks from the MPC Library

This video shows you how to access and use eBooks. The video shows you how to access them from the library homepage but you do not have to do that as there is a direct link above to the eBook collection database and you have access to the OneSearch box above right. The rest of the video will show you how to search for eBooks and how to use them.

Google Books Search

Google Book Search

Search the MPC Library Catalog

How to Search the MPC Library Catalog/One Search and Request Books for Pick Up