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Pharmacology: Getting Started

Quick Search Tips

  • More Search Terms = Fewer Results: 

Start with a simple search, and add search terms to focus your results.


  • Search with just the important words (keywords), don’t use sentences:

Example: ketamine AND depression; instead of ‘is ketamine treatment a viable option to treat depression?’ 


  • Quotation Marks - Use quotation marks to tell the computer to keep the words together: 

Example: “monoclonal antibodies”; “Social Determinants of Health” 


  • Too many search results? Combine keywords using the word AND to narrow your results to more specific aspects of your topic: 

Example: “monoclonal antibodiesAND COVID; ethics AND pharmacology AND nursing


  • Still not enough search results? Combine similar keywords using the word OR to broaden your search results

Example: Pharmacokinetics OR Drug Elimination Routes;


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