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Business 20 (Peelman): How do I find articles?

Forbes magazine with a tablet on top of it.

Click the 3 Tabs Below to Start!

Locate a video and 2 sets of directions about Nexis Uni to get started with library databases.

Try these additional features while using Nexis Uni

Image of a check markCompany Dossiers
Pull up a dossier or compare two companies. Found under "Discover Topics" -> "Business".

Image of a check markDetailed Company Information
Under "Guided Search", click "Company Info" & toggle between "...and show me" dropdown menu.


Nexis Uni Homepage Click for larger image

Nexis Uni homepage
Image Caption: Nexis Uni home page.  Three arrows pointing at: 1. "Discover Topics: Business" found middle of the page below "Guided Search" search box.  2. "Company Info" button, under "Guided Search". 3. "Company Profile" dropdown menu, under "Guided Search".

1. Click below to search Nexis Uni's Company Dossiers.

2. Use the search boxes and dropdown menus to search for your company. The top company names will display in the results.  Select a company or click "View All" to find more options. 

Screenshot of Nexis Uni's company dossier search results. 3 options related to Boeing Company.
Click for larger image


3. An overview of the company will then display. More information about your company can be found using the left-hand navigation. The navigation expands open to show more subheaders related to your company.   

Screenshot of Boeing company's profile overview found in Nexis Uni
Click for larger image

Try these library databases!

The links below will take you into the library databases, full of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles.  Sign in with Lobo Apps account.