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MPC uses a cloud-based printing system called wēpa.

There are several different ways to print.

You may use a computer (your own or the Library's):

  • Login to  your Lobo Apps and click on wēpa : 


  • Click on the link as shown here :  


  • Add funds to your account by clicking on "Deposit Funds" and following the prompts :

Add money to your wēpa account using a credit card, ATM card or by PayPal. (Want to use cash? - take a look at the "Using cash?" page of this guide)

Add money to your wēpa account using Venmo or Apple Pay through your phone.

You must add funds in $5 increments. $5 is the lowest amount you can add to your wēpa account.

Printing costs are as follows:

  • 9¢ = b&w one sided
  • 17¢ = b&w two sided
  • 35¢ = color one sided
  • 50¢ = color two sided


  • You may select documents to print by either choosing the "Document Upload" link, or by linking to other accounts, such as Google Drive, as shown below:



The library has three printer locations.