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Other methods

You do not have to be on one of the library's computers to print. Other ways to print include:

  • Download the wēpa print software to your personal computer or mobile device from the Wēpa Now website.
  • Print directly from a USB device at the print station.
  • Email your documents to from your MPC student email account

Tagging a card for faster login process:

Tag any card with a magnetic strip to automatically log into wēpa account and avoid manually entering your username/password credentials each time you print.

  1. Go to a wēpa print station. Manually log into your wēpa account by selecting 'Don't have a tagged card?' at the bottom of the screen, then click School Credentials and enter your Username/Password
  2. Swipe any card with a magnetic strip to "tag" it when prompted.
    (The card can be a credit/debit card, your driver's license, AAA card (or any card with a magnetic strip)). Next time you want to log into a wēpa station swipe your card instead of manually entering your Username/Password.