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Nursing: Nursing Reference Center & EBSCO Mobile Apps

Nursing resources for students at Monterey Peninsula College.

Nursing Reference Center Plus App

In order to use the App on your phone you have to access the database from a web browser and request an authentication key be sent to your email.

1. Download the Nursing Reference Center Plus App from the Apple or Google Play store on to your phone

2. Access Nursing Reference Center Plus on a computer or your phone's web browser - you will need to log in using your Lobo Apps username and password if you are off-campus.

3. Scroll to the bottom of the Nursing Reference Center Plus page and click on NRC Plus Mobile App Access

4. Enter your MPC email address and Press "Send"

5. Open your email on your phone and tap on the "authentication key" link and allow the link to open the Nursing Reference Center Plus app


EBSCO Mobile App (ebooks, CINAHL access)

1. Download the EBSCO Mobile App from the Apple or Google Play store on your phone

screenshot of EBSCO mobile app in Apple app store

2. Open App on your phone, select "Get started" and search for Monterey Peninsula College

screenshot of searching for MPC in EBSCO Mobile App

3. Select "Connect your institution" once you've found MPC

screenshot of connecting MPC to EBSCO app

4. Log into Lobo Apps (note if it says that it failed, just try it again... it usually works fine the 2nd time)

screenshot of Lobo Apps authentication

5. Search for content, select the bookmark to save for quick access

screenshot of search results in EBSCO app